Media School

In 2016, ASMO members running film and photography training programmes came together to develop a certificate level film technology curriculum to equip trainees in a structured way with the right knowledge, attitudes, skills in media and film production.

Member organisations share a mission of telling slum stories through film and photography, reflecting a positive and balanced image of the slums and providing training and employment opportunities to the youth.
This initiative sought to define and assure a high standard and quality of training, relevance to the rapidly changing media industry and is responsiveness to the needs of the target audience. With the support of Africalia Belgium, a training curriculum was developed and the training is now being offered in partnership with KCA university.

A memorandum of understanding was signed on the 24th March 2017 between KCAU and ASMO that opened the door for accreditation of ASMO trainees by a university.
KCA University recruits the teachers, sets the training programmes, sets exams and offers graduation while ASMO members provide the classes, equipment and other facilities as well as providing technicians for hands on training.
So far the School has trained 72 practitioners in film Technology a majority coming from the Slums of Nairobi.

A network organization advancing Media, Arts and Culture among marginalized communities and socially excluded groups for total transformation of Afrika.

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