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FEATURING: Zawadi Kayo | Lucy Oruta | Jaleen Wanjiku
Produced by Film Technology Class of 2017

Mama Emma lays on her death bed weak and drained as Emma, four years old walks around the ghetto asking the neighbors to help her with a glass of water for her mother’s medication. Will Emma get the cup of water to help her mother live? Story by; Boniface Lukunza


Produced by ASMO

The struggle gets very real when Pendo a young lady living in the slums realizes that she must motivate her peers to break the yoke of ignorance in order to fight a war for change in governance. Their disillusionment about their constitutional rights leaves them out of reach from the only weapon that yields victory. Can Pendo walk the extra mile and lead her peers to triumph?


Produced by ASMO

Adikiyi Is a story borrowed from the Luo Community in Kenya and it’s a story that has been told for ages from one generation to the other? Adikinyi as a story borrows a lot from the Luo Cultural and traditional activity with fishing as the main activity in the story. This is a story of the daughter of the lake and a poor fisherman and the key of the story is to remind people to be always thankful and grateful for the people who help them in life.

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