Afrika is rich in cultural diversity with many ethnic communities living side by side, yet this rich diversity is hardly seen as a resource within policy and development practice.  The youth have immense talents and have taken up art in its diverse forms as a means of expression and livelihood.

  • The creative industries are coming of age and are among the most dynamic sectors. Afrikans are now more interested in content made locally – there is a creative renaissance and an emerging market boom, but it is occasioned by massive skills gaps.


Ensure that Members improve their business models, programming quality, content, and market niche while working collaboratively with other parties (within and outside the network) and also independently as creative and sustainable business models.

  • Programming Quality

  • Business Models

  • Content creation

  • Market Niche

Our Mission

Advancement of Media, Arts and Culture among marginalized communities and socially excluded groups.

  • Our Vision

    Inclusive Vibrant Creative Economy in Kenya.



  1. Cultivate a thriving grassroots media ecosystem
  2. Establish a dynamic network of artists, creative entrepreneurs and innovators
  3. Connect artists to creative hubs, spaces and collaborative projects
  4. Support artists to participate in local festivals, showcases, competitions and trade fairs.
  5. Enhance the creative sector coordination

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A network organization advancing Media, Arts and Culture among marginalized communities and socially excluded groups for total transformation of Afrika.

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