a) Membership

AGMA is a voluntary membership organization.

  1. Membership can be either individual or organization.
  2. AGMA members shall be artists, filmmakers, photographers, spoken word artists, actors, community journalists, musicians, art managers, creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, technologists, innovators and start-ups working in the grassroots.

b) Membership Benefits and Services

AGMA seeks to bring together members looking to engage and make connections within the creative sector and develop professionally. Members may benefit from: –

  • Professional development through specialist training and development opportunities.
  • Community engagement and networking within the creative, cultural, development and tech sectors.
  • Collaboration with other artists to develop and pitch projects to attract investment and funding as a collective of disciplines.
  • Art platforms, management services, workspaces and co-working facilities.
  • Promotion of members’ products and services.
  • own profile on the AGMA website.

c) Application and subscription for membership

  1. Every application for membership shall be made in the application form approved by the Board from time to time
  2. Members shall pay such annual subscriptions as may from time to time be fixed by the Board.

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