Afrikan Artists, Creatives and Innovators together in one of a kind workshop that seeks to unravel common stereotypes and dominant narratives that influence how we create.
The Afrikanist Masterclass is ideal for creatives who are not comfortable with the ‘normal’ and are passionate to define a new authentic narrative for Afrika.
Among other things, you will be introduced to Human Centred design, Artificial intelligence and the power of a brand.
This is bound to have you thinking about a New Afrika.


The conversation will explore

  • Dominant narratives and the power of story: Stereotypes and their role in the dominant narrative.
  • What does a paradigm smell like?
  • The role and position of modern Brands: The power they have and values they espouse to gain your commitment and following.
  • Thoughts on Media ecosystem Who’s the ‘lion in this Jungle’? What are potential connections and opportunities?
  • Future proofing Artificial Intelligence
  • Design Led Thinking : Human centred design; inspiration, ideation and implementation
  • Imagining an alternative Afrika -‘How to inspire a continent? – A common vision for Africa – The Afrikanist


The conversation illuminates the spontaneous nature of creativity and the energy that is generated, versus the institutionalized programmed call and response we are so accustomed to.
It highlights the value of collaboration and the skill of establishing meaningful relationships across sectors to mobilize the critically important shared vision for Afrika.

A network organization advancing Media, Arts and Culture among marginalized communities and socially excluded groups for total transformation of Afrika.

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