Slum TV

& Community Outreach

While skill building and production are important pillars of ASMO’s work, the importance of reaching out to its audience particularly slum people, general public and policymakers is also Key.

Most partners in ASMO carry out regular open air and indoor screenings of our videos in different slum areas around Nairobi and also in other urban areas such as Nakuru and Kisumu where we raise awareness on the lives of slum dwellers and the challenges they go through from day to day. ASMO would like to push this further to include a Slum TV Channel in its outreach initiatives. Several partners of ASMO including SlumTV have a lot of footage that has been developed over the years. There are also a lot of films available for screening from Slum Film Festival (SFF) submissions that would provide excellent content. Many partners of ASMO such as Slum-TV have adequate outdoor screening equipment and only requires facilitation to carry out a number of screenings in communities and upmarket areas of Kenya.

ASMO believes that physical screening and Slum-TV Channel will strengthen advocacy and wide ranging awareness on slum issues and ability of the artist to get recognition and earn from their work Through this plan, ASMO is seeking – to establish an online TV channel and carry out a feasibility study of establishing digital broadcast TV channel, which should be realised by 2020. We believe through these initiatives we will contribute to ASMO’s vision of stimulating a creative economy in Kenya and ensuring that our work have an impact and influence on grassroots audiences, policy makers and other decision makers agenda.

Through this plan, therefore:

1. The project partners will enhance outdoor screening of films and engage in discussions on pertinent issues facing slum people and artists in Kenya while reaching out to decision-makers on issues raised.

2. To set up an online Slum TV and explore opportunities of establishing a Slum TV channel by 2020

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