MAG-Net organizations are regionally-based media activist and cultural arts groups who share a primary commitment to social justice values. The network plans to expand widely in 2007-2008, as more grassroots groups from across the country join the struggle for media justice.

MAG-Net Member Groups


(Whitesburg, KY)

Appalshop is a non-profit multi-disciplinary arts and education center in the heart of Appalachia producing original films, video, theater, music and spoken-word recordings, radio, photography, multimedia, and books. Appalshop's education and training programs support communities' efforts to solve their own problems in a just and equitable way. Each year, Appalshop productions and services reach several million people nationally and internationally. Appalshop is dedicated to the proposition that the world is immeasurably enriched when local cultures garner the resources, including new technologies, to tell their own stories and to listen to the unique stories of others. The creative acts of listening and telling are Appalshop's core competency

Center for Media Justice


Launched in April 2001 as the Youth Media Council, the Center for Media Justice is a Bay Area-based youth organizing, leadership development, media capacity-building and watchdog project dedicated to developing youth-led strategies for media justice. We believe that youth and other marginalized communities need the tools, resources, strategies and skills to become strong and effective media spokespeople and advocates for social justice. The Center for Media Justice coordinates the MAG-Net.

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

(San Antonio)

The Esperanza Center is a San Antonio organization that promotes social justice through cultural arts programming and advocating on behalf of people of color, women, lesbians and gay men, the working class and the poor. As people moved by a vision of social justice, we have learned the power of art in our lives. We have learned that to participate fully in democratic civic life, individuals must be culturally grounded, confident of their own voices, and certain of the value of their contributions. Art and culture give us this grounding. They connect us to our histories and plant the seed for our self-worth. Moreover, we have learned the importance of cross-cultural understanding - that social and political divisions cannot be bridged without accurate and respectful cultural understanding. Through artistic creation and cultural expression, previously silenced groups and isolated individuals come to new understandings of themselves, each other, and the world. The Esperanza is part of the MAG-Net leadership team, and co-anchors Texas (with Texas MEP).

Main Street Project


Main Street Project works to help rural communities and leaders face today’s realities with hope. Using a grassroots, culturally competent and linguistically accessible approach, we build trust and momentum from the inside out. We provide tools and support to help people in rural communities begin to find their collective voice and their strength. MSP anchors the Midwest region.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network

(New York)

The Manhattan Neighborhood Network is responsible for administering Public Access cable television services in Manhattan. The organization's purpose is to ensure the ability of Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through the medium of cable television and to create opportunities for mutual communication, education, artistic expression and other noncommercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis. In providing services, MNN seeks to involve the diverse racial, ethnic and geographic communities of Manhattan in the electronic communication of their varied interests, needs, concerns and identities. MNN airs over 500 hours of programming each week - shows made by individuals and community organizations from throughout Manhattan. MNN anchors the New York tri-state region.

Media Alliance

(San Francisco)

Media Mobilizing Project


The Media Monitoring Project aims to utilize independent media making as an organizing tool in an effort to build a broad vibrant network of social movements in Philadelphia, while developing capacities for communities to create our own media. By sharing our stories we break through the fragmentation of our issues and the isolation of our communities, and build the networks necessary to address the root causes of the problems we face. MMP anchors Pennsylvania.

Minnesotano Media Empowerment Project


New Mexico Media Literacy Project


The New Mexico Media Literacy Project cultivates critical thinking and activism in our media culture to build healthy and just communities. NMMLP staff members deliver multimedia presentations at conferences, workshops and classrooms across the country and abroad. We produce activist guides and educational materials, including CD-ROMs and videos, on a variety of media literacy topics. Our media literacy curricula are used across the nation in hundreds of schools and community organizations. NMMLP anchors the Southwest region.

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition

(New York City)



Reclaim the Media


Reclaim the Media is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization founded in spring 2002, dedicated to pursuing a more just society by transforming our media system and expanding the communications rights of ordinary people through grassroots organizing, education, networking and advocacy. We advocate for a free and diverse press, community access to communications tools and technology, and media policy that serves the public interest. Reclaim the Media is part of the MAG-Net leadership team, and anchors the Northwest region.

Texas Media Empowerment Project

(San Antonio)

The Texas Media Empowerment Project (Texas MEP) is a regional media/social justice group. We believe that fighting for a fair media system cannot be separate from making the world a more just, and equitable place. Our goal is to empower marginalized communities with the knowledge and skills they need to strategically use all aspects of media & technology more effectively, taking back the power to define themselves, their needs and their vision, and empowering people with knowledge and skills to make media work for justice in their communities. We are a co-op of individuals, grass-roots organizations, and volunteers, particularly people of color, women, queer LGBT and low-income people. Texas MEP is part of the MAG-Net leadership team, and co-anchors Texas (with Esperanza).