MAG-Net: our goals and organizing strategy

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Grassroots Organizing for media justice, media reform, and media democracy

Across the country, grassroots media activist organizations are building constituencies, partnerships and victories for progressive structural change. Grounded in a vision of social justice, these organizations generate creative, pragmatic models of strategic communications and mobilization that resonate powerfully far beyond the DC Beltway.

However, until recently, there has been little to no infrastructure dedicated to sustaining this sector, despite its importance within the ecosystem of the media reform movement.

The Media Action Grassroots Network, or MAG-Net, is a national initiative recently launched by some of the country's most dynamic regional organizations to provide just such infrastructure. Our leadership team includes the following organizations: The Center for Media Justice, the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the Texas Media Empowerment Project, and Reclaim the Media.

Together, MAG-Net seeks to:

  • strengthen the capacity and coordination of regional media activist hub organizations,
  • develop the skills and leadership of organizers from under-represented communities, and
  • increase strategic effectiveness within and across regions, among media and social justice groups, and with D.C.-based allies.